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With the large number of senior living communities available, the options may seem overwhelming. I'll work with you to find the facility that's right for you. We'll complete an evaluation at our first meeting, whether in person or over the phone and determine your unique needs. Then we'll go over other factors, like budget, distance from loved ones, and personal particulars to narrow your options down. I'll vet out your best options, assess safety records, and match Communities to your individual standards. I go out of my way to minimize feeling overwhelmed by generally picking out only a few of your best option. Finally, we'll tour the communities together to help you decide. My goal is to follow up with you regularly. If you're having difficulties settling in, I'm always available to help.

In the end my main goal is to make you feel as though you have been educated and advocated for throughout the whole process. Schedule a senior living community assessment today by calling 207-835-8115.

Do you need in-home care?

Do you need in-home care?

Leaving your home isn't always the right choice for everyone; it may not be the right time for you to progress to a Community away from your home.

If you need care but don't want to move, there are options available. I'll help you explore your in-home care options.

Perhaps you just want extra assistance around the house, help you with cooking, cleaning or assist with bathing and daily activities. I can set up your best in home options in medical care; we can consider risk buttons, special memory aid pillbox solutions, live-in care, visiting home care aids, or even visiting nurses. I can assess your home for safety; have stair lifts installed, ramps or simple grab bars, the options are numerous. Your home can be adapted in many cases to maintain a safe living situation.

Get the professional care you need while remaining at home. Schedule a free consultation with Shawn Shambo today.