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Maybe you're considering moving to a senior living community but aren't sure about leaving your current home. It's okay to have questions or concerns. I'm Shawn Shambo, and I can help you explore all your options. In-home care can be a more affordable option, and it will allow you to stay close to friends and loved ones.

If you're interested in exploring your in-home care options, call 207-835-8115 now to arrange for a free consultation.

Do you need in-home care?

Do you need in-home care?

Leaving your home isn't the right choice for everyone. If you need care but don't want to move, there are options available. I'll help you explore your in-home care options. If you need medical care, consider risk buttons and live-in or visiting nurses. Maybe you just want extra assistance around the house. Find people to help you cook, clean or assist with daily activities.

Get the professional care you need while remaining at home. Schedule a free consultation with Shawn Shambo today.